Why You Should Have a Phone Number On Your Website

In this increasingly digital world, no one needs a phone number, right? Wrong. Even if phones are no longer the preferred method of communication when it comes to customer service, a phone line is still a valuable tool to have at your disposal. So, why is it so vital for you to publish your phone number on your website?

Three Reasons Why Having A Phone Number On Your Website Is So Powerful

  1. Trust

A website is where your customers will turn to. However, how do people know that your business is credible? The answer is in communication. Of course, emails don’t help to show that your business is genuine. Hoaxers and phishers are incredibly smart. However, a human at the end of a phone line may not be concrete proof, but it certainly helps customers to build trust and believe your business is genuine and provides accountability.

  1. Humanise

People buy from people. Having a phone number with a friendly and helpful person on the end of the phone is not only necessary for trust, but for reassurance too. Customers may be unsure about a product or have a question; then a phone line provides a quick answer. Speaking to a representative of your business on the phone helps to humanise your brand but can also be an essential sales tool too.

  1. Increase Conversions

Studies comparing sites with a phone number to websites without a phone number found that businesses with phone details saw in increase in conversions. Even if web users do not ring the number provided, the fact that it is available provides peace of mind and removes many buyer objections.

Can A Phone Number On A Website Be A Drawback?

While having a phone number is an undeniable advantage for your website, it can detract from the customer experience. If you offer a phone line without having a representative available to answer the phone, then you could lose vital business. Businesses only have one chance to make a good first impression and lack of communication is a sure-fire way to ruin that impression.

How To Make A Phone Number On Your Website Work For You?

When running a business, it is not always practical to answer the phone or viable to employ a worker to manage your phone. However, by outsourcing your communication to a team like Pod, you can have your phone calls answered 24/7. What’s more, the team at Pod will be fully briefed on your business to answers customer enquiries, increase sales and conversions.

With Pod, you’ll have the service you need at a pay as you go price for the utmost convenience and cost-effectiveness. It takes just three simple steps to set up, get started today.


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