Why You Need Live Chat On Your Website NOW!

You have one chance to make a great first impression. With your website, a live chat capability is like the sales assistant that greets you at the door of a store. It welcomes users to your site, invites interaction and can convert and boost sales. In an increasingly impatient world, live chat provides the answers the customers want, immediately. Still need convincing? Here are five stats-backed reasons why you need live chat on your site, now.

Five Reasons Why Your Site Needs Live Chat

  1. Your Customers Expect It

Live chat is no longer a nice to have. In fact, 62% of customers expect live chat capabilities on your site. If you don’t have it, you may be disappointing your client base before you even get the chance to show why your business is worth considering.

  1. Ideal Communication

75% of customers prefer to use live chat compared to any other form of communication. Offering live chat means your prospects can speak to you in the way they want to, improving their experience.

  1. More Sales

Live chat has proven to boost sales by 35%. 38% of people even claim that they made a purchase simply from the live chat experience itself. Your live chat is no longer for customer service but for making sales too.

  1. Repeat Custom

Live chat capabilities not only increase sales but also encourage engagement and repeat business. In fact, 63% of customers are likely to return to sites that offer live chat. What’s more, customers who use live chat are 4.5 times more valuable to customers than does who don’t chat. This is reason alone to instigate proactive chat on your website. It’s time to reach out to your site visitors.

  1. Customer satisfaction

For e-commerce stores, 44% of shoppers think a live chat feature is important for buying decisions. Added to this is 90% of customers who say live chat gives them confidence in their purchases and the fact they know they receive help when they need it.

No Time For Live Chat? Pod Can Help

For busy businesses, there is just not enough time to answer customer queries through live chat. That is why Pod is here to help. Our customer support team are here to answer all of your live chat queries and can even start a proactive chat with your customers too.

Once we are fully briefed on your business, we become an extension of your team helping your customers with any queries as well as engaging your web users with helpful chat to help increase conversions and sales.

Let us manage your live chat for you, get started today in just three simple steps.


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