Why The Customer Experience Is So Important

Customers rarely remember mediocre customer service. They either remember outstanding support or a terrible experience. It can make or break a sale, and if you’re already occupied with creating your products or services, it might not be a part of business plan you can dedicate time to. But, just why is the customer experience crucial to your business?

Remember, remembered

You can’t buy ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising, and it’s a very effective way to strengthen your brand. If you have a particularly excellent customer service, it’ll be the first thing people talk about when they mention you. Similarly, if your customer support is bad, then that’s what people will associate with you. Step into the customers’ shoes. Every interaction you have with the customer, such as through a call centre will determine how they perceive you!

It’ll determine if they return

Keeping a customer as a regular buyer is much easier and cheaper than reaching out to new customers. The relationship with existing consumers is already there. If they have a bad experience, they’re not going to return. Customers who regularly return to your service will be more likely to recommend you to a friend. It also means they’re unlikely to switch to another service.

It makes your employees proud

High staff retention is the sign of a good company. If your brand provides good customer service, they are likely to have a good reputation and employees are proud to be part of your brand. A company that gives bad customer support is likely to put more pressure on employees. However, by outsourcing your customer service, you can reduce this pressure and improve your customer service to thanks to having a fully trained customer service team at your disposal.

You can get testimonials

As of the end of 2018, there were 390 million unique monthly visitors on TripAdvisor, and it boasts 760 million ‘unbiased’ reviews of customer service. If a potential consumer is visiting a business, they are going to be put off by multiple negative reviews. The same thing happens with product reviews. You’re unlikely to buy an item if more than 75% said the product broke within 10 minutes. However, if you have 100 reviews saying your company went above and beyond, the consumers get the reassurance they need to use your service.

It helps you improve!

Using customer service reviews to obtain feedback about your service can help you to gauge what needs improving. It irons out minor customer complains, as well as showing your customers that you’re listening.

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