The problems with managing live chat in-house and how outsourcing solves it

Live chats help customers instantly. However, it can become overwhelming and disappoint your valued customers if they are not adequately managed. PodBPO provides an outsourcing customer support service to manage live-chats. What are the problems with managing live chats in-house?

Chatterboxes and boxes and boxes

It’s great that you’re becoming successful, however with more success comes more enquiries. Dealing with hundreds of questions a day can be overwhelming for in-house staff. It’s a huge job to keep on top of everything. Above all, responding within 5 minutes is vital for consumer engagement. Your customers don’t have time to waste. If your service becomes international – you’re going to need a 24/7 service! Fortunately, PodBPO can help with our 24/7 live chat service.

Training is 100% required

Each person who responds to your live-chats needs training on appropriate and professional ways of responding to customers. Furthermore, they will be the face of you and will be vital to the lasting impression they leave of your company. Did you know, in a survey of 1,000 customers, 92% said they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer poor customer service experiences? In addition to this, 26% of those would stop after just one bad experience.

Training inevitably takes time. Each person needs to be an expert in your company and be able to answer any question. More often than not, it’s easier to outsource customer service. Because you would be employing people who know how to go about the job, they will become dedicated experts on your company.

It’s usually a 24/7 service

Being ‘on it’ 24/7 is difficult although sometimes expected. You do have the option of adding office hours to your live chat. However, if you’re hoping to go international, then you need to think about the time zones of your audience.

Answers must be quick

You’re on a time constraint. If replying takes more than 5-10 minutes, then your audience has lost interest. How long it takes to reply is also a memorable quality. It’ll be something that individuals will associate with you. Large companies tend to outsource their customer service and can reply in seconds. If you want to be competing in this space – it’s important you can keep up!

Live chat customer support is hard to maintain. However, if managed to a high standard, live chats can boost sales and customer satisfaction. So why not outsource it today to increase your customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on your business?

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