Secrets to a better, stronger outsourcing relationship

Outsourcing can be a weight off your shoulders. But, building a strong relationship with your customer support team is essential. By outsourcing, you are saving time, increasing sales and being efficient with money. However, if your relationship is weak, then your service will be too. How do you build a strong outsourcing relationship?

Tell them everything you can

It’s crucial to brief your outsourcing support on your company thoroughly. You need to ensure they understand your goals and requirements. Similarly, they must know your companies values and what you want to achieve.

Keep your goals in writing and always let them know if they change. Unsurprisingly, outsourcing companies have lots of experience and understand that business change and develop.

Be clingy

Keep in constant contact with your outsourced customer support, because it opens up opportunities to ask questions. Outsourcing companies know businesses want to keep up-to-date with progress and frequent meetings ensure everyone is moving towards the same goals.

Schedule in weekly calls, or suitable timings for your business. As a result, it will give you an opportunity to share new information that might be something a customer wants to discuss.

What could possibly go wrong?

You need to take into account every possibility because it’s normal for minor issues to occur. Work with your outsourcing provider to create a watertight customer service plan.

Be open-minded about new software. For example, tools such as ‘screen sharing’ is great in situations that might require your help.

Review it

Outsourcing support knows that you want an evaluation of services. Assessing the benefits to your company, as well as the benefits to your customers. You will then see what is working and what is not. You can do this through a cost-benefit analysis or customer feedback surveys.

In addition to this, if they are doing well – tell them! Relationships work both ways, and you need to keep your outsourcing team motivated. It’s especially important if they have gone above and beyond for your customers.

Communication is essential to a good outsourcing relationship. If you have any questions or want to know more about outsourcing – contact us today.


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