Five Benefits Of Outsourcing For Growing Businesses

When you start a business, it can feel be thrilling to feel like you are in control of every aspect. However, in order to keep growing, you will need to dedicate more time, skills and resources. This is usually time and resources that you don’t have.

One of the hardest lessons for entrepreneurs to learn is the fact that they don’t have to do everything. In fact, it is often much more cost-effective to outsource some of the tasks so that founders can focus their attention and specific skillset on profit-making activities for their growing business.

Why Outsourcing?
It can feel counterproductive outsourcing tasks you are able to do yourself. However, it is critical for businesses to focus on the most crucial aspects that drive ROI. Instead of the stress that every moment is crammed full, you can free up more time for profit-making activities. Outsourcing the tasks to people with more experience and expertise in the sector can bring a multitude of benefits.

Five Benefits Of Outsourcing

1. Free up cash
Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. However, outsourcing is often cost-effective. Converting fixed costs (such as employees) into smaller, variable costs with outsourcing; you can still have the productivity but without the price tag. By outsourcing your customer support, you can put money back into revenue-generating activities.

2. Do the jobs you don’t want to
Does answering endless emails throw you into a pit of despair? Outsource it. The beauty of outsourcing is that you can remove those tasks on your to-do list that feels like a burden and replace it with activities you actually enjoy doing. If providing excellent customer service through prompt, polite communication isn’t for you, give it to a team such as Pod who are happy to look after your customers for you.

3. Focus on what you do best
Growing a business requires you to have a broad skill set, but it doesn’t mean you have to be the best at everything. Outsourcing allows you to focus your working hours on the things you are good at while leaving other tasks to the experts in their field. From accounting, to call handling, sales to marketing, you can outsource any activities that aren’t your specialist subject to a company that focuses purely on that service.

4. Access to talent
For any growing business, it is just not feasible to build your team with the best talent in the industry. However, outsourcing gives you access to all the talent you need at a fraction of the cost of employing them. Look for flexible pay-as-you-go pricing to get the most bang for your buck too.

5. Flexibility
A growing business will go through lots of changes, very quickly. For example, if your business gets significant press attention, your phone will be off the hook, and your team may not have the capacity to cope. In order to access the team you need instantly, outsourcing can make that happen. If the attention dies down again, you haven’t wasted your budget on a team of permanent employees who have little to do.

Be more competitive
Ultimately, your business needs to be responsive and always on the lookout for growth opportunities. With outsourcing, you have the chance to make your business more dynamic, flexible, efficient and cost-effective while still having the control and direction you want.

About Pod
Pod is an on demand outsourced customer contact centre for growing businesses. Briefed by you, we give you an amazing team on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, to look after your calls, web chats, emails and social media. Explore our outsourcing services and see how we can help scale and grow your business.


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