Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For WordPress Developers

Whether you’re in the middle of some detailed coding or halfway through a presentation for new clients, it is not always easy to answer urgent emails, be on-hand for web chats or answer the phone to customers and prospects. However, as a WordPress Developer, you know that answering every communication is the key to business success. At PodBPO, we can serve as your customer support centre, so that you can focus on running your business as a WordPress Developer.

Why WordPress Developers Need Customer Service Support

  • Client issues

For WordPress Developers, it is likely that more time is spent ‘putting out fires’ with current clients, than working on new projects. Your skillset and time are better spent on the primary function of WordPress development. However, you may not be able to afford a new team member to handle customer problems and issues.

With PodBPO, you can outsource your customer service through a ‘pay as you go’ function. With this, you have a team of trained experts who can deal with any queries and handle any issues, to free up your work time. What’s more, you only pay for the service you receive. If you can manage the calls yourself one week, but not the next, PodBPO will work to suit your needs.

  • Improve productivity

When it comes to coding, concentration is essential. This is not so easy to achieve with the bleeping of incoming web chats, the notification of another email or the temptation of checking and answering social media messages. We can help you to boost your productivity by taking care of all of your communication channels. This includes web chat, emails, social media and calls so you can focus on making the most of your time.

  • Take away the admin

As a WordPress developer, it’s clear your skills lie in creativity. Your biggest earner is your creative web development, not handling the admin and communication side of the business. Cut your working hours down and focus on doing what you love by outsourcing your customer service and support so that you can really enjoy running your business and only doing the tasks that you love.

Get more of your time back with PodBPO, find out how to create your outsourced customer support service today.


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