Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For Start-Ups

In the 2017 State of Global Customer Report, 90% of consumers expect companies to have an online portal for customer support. At PodBPO, we know starting up a business takes up time. Consequently, it is difficult to keep up with social media enquires and emails. Therefore, outsourcing to a reliable company takes the weight off your shoulders. So, why would you need to outsource customer support?

You don’t have time for on-demand 24/7 hour customer support

It’s impossible for businesses to be on social media and responding to emails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To run a great business you need all the sleep you can get!

For a start-up, it’s important to provide a personal experience for the customer, with a real person to answer questions. Excellent customer service makes you stand out from other businesses and provide information to potential customers instantly.

At PodBPO, we run this service for you. Briefed by you, the PodBPO team answers all calls, web chats, emails, and social media. We have four pods (offices) located in the UK, Spain, and the USA. Therefore, these pods allow us to cover all times of the day.

You’re focusing on saving money

The age-old saying, ‘time is money’ rings true. If you’re spending all of your valuable time responding to online enquires, you’re not working on your project! It’s more critical for you to focus your time on where your expertise is.

At PodBPO, whether it’s the uncertainty of costs or need for the service, you can ‘pay-as-you-go’ for the service as and when you need it. This means the plan is unique to you and allows you to scale the service up and down to cover areas of communication. As a result, you get the support most relevant.

It may be that you want your social media customer service covered until you get your startup on its feet. Perhaps you can’t keep up with the number of customer support emails and need help. We’re here to provide the outsourcing plan that suits you.

There are so many channels of communication!

There are many ways customers can contact you. Being inundated with emails, online chat enquires, phone calls, social media, and direct messages are overwhelming. Getting something in place to manage all these notifications needs to be fast.

Depending on how quickly your company briefs the PodBPO customer service – you are set up with the outsourcing service the same day! It helps to absorb admin and leave you more time to manage your company. As the number of customer inquiries picks up momentum, there will be many channels you can be contacted on. Consequently, you need quick service to keep up with requests and ensure customers stay interested in your business.

Find out how you can get your time back by outsourcing your customer support service by talking to our 24/7 support team here.


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