Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For eCommerce

eCommerce is a big business. In fact, the global market worth for eCommerce sits at $22.1 trillion. In order to capitalise on this industry and expand your market share, you need to think smart about your eCommerce business. While you may think that having a tight control over your business reduces cost, it can actually be more economical to outsource some eCommerce functions so that you can focus on business growth and making more profit.

Growing customer support demands

As your eCommerce business grows, so does the need for support functions. Consumer queries and updates become more frequent. In some cases, making sure you answer customer calls, emails, web chats and social media can end up taking all of your time. This time could be better spent on core business functions, which can increase profit and encourage growth.

As a complex business, eCommerce requires a great deal of strategy. There are so many elements to consider, including procurement, logistics, infrastructure, managing an inventory, supply chain, reverse logistics, marketing, sales and service. All of these aspects need care and attention to ensure you remain profitable and successful.

At PodBPO, we can help you to free up your time so that you can focus on your core business strategy. Our affordable, on-demand service can look after all of your customer support functions. We serve as your call centre and manage all customer communication from taking orders, answering queries, responding to your social media feed and being available for web chats too.

Think of PodBPO as your one-stop shop for all things customer service related. While you’re focusing on how to enhance your business and get through your to-do list, our team will be there taking care of all the customer support functions, giving your space to breathe and the peace and quiet to concentrate.

Outsource your customer service today

PodBPO operates as a pay as you go service with no lengthy contracts. If your eCommerce business is getting busier, simply get in touch with us, if the workload becomes more manageable for you, let us know, and we can stop our service. We make it easy to scale up and scale down, depending on your business needs.

If you’re ready to save time and money through outsourcing customer service, get started today with PodBPO.


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