Customer Service And Support Outsourcing For SaaS Companies

For SaaS companies, the focus of the business is usually innovation and continual development and improvement. However, with this focus it often means that an essential area of the business is neglected; your customer service.

It is common for SaaS companies to face customer service challenges. When time is precious, you want to create the next great software quickly. However, in doing so, you often don’t leave enough time to keep up customer satisfaction levels. So how can SaaS providers ensure that they balance the needs for developing great software while still maintaining excellent customer support which is crucial for business growth? The answer is in outsourcing.

Why SaaS Companies Should Outsource Their Customer Service And Support Functions

1.      Increase Your Time

Great software takes time to create. It also takes focus. However, answering the phone, replying to emails or having a live chat function can be distracting and take the time away from developing. Furthermore, losing concentration at a pivotal moment in developing can lead to costly mistakes being made.

Instead of having to split your attention between customers and development, outsourcing takes away the stress of being available and ready to answer questions or attend to sales queries.

2.      Increase Customer Satisfaction

As a growing business, you may not have the capacity for a dedicated customer support function. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way of ensuring customer satisfaction is maintained without the need for hiring staff. With a dedicated outsourced team attending to customers, satisfaction levels will improve as their enquiries will be answered quickly.

Furthermore, with outsourced support being online through live chat when your prospects are, they can help you to generate leads and advance progress through the sales funnel too.

3.      Full Scalability

When you launch a new product, it is likely that you’ll see an influx in customer communication and a higher requirement for support. However, once a new software has been fully rolled out, contact may drop off. With these fluctuations, it doesn’t make economic sense to hire more staff to meet peak demand. Instead, outsourcing for the times you need provides you with a fully scalable solution that works in line with your budget.

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