Customer Service And Support Outsourcing For SaaS Companies

For SaaS companies, the focus of the business is usually innovation and continual development and improvement. However, with this focus it often means that an essential area of the business is neglected; your customer service. It is common for SaaS companies to face customer service challenges. When time is precious, you want to create the […]

Why You Should Have a Phone Number On Your Website

In this increasingly digital world, no one needs a phone number, right? Wrong. Even if phones are no longer the preferred method of communication when it comes to customer service, a phone line is still a valuable tool to have at your disposal. So, why is it so vital for you to publish your phone […]

Why You Need Live Chat On Your Website NOW!

You have one chance to make a great first impression. With your website, a live chat capability is like the sales assistant that greets you at the door of a store. It welcomes users to your site, invites interaction and can convert and boost sales. In an increasingly impatient world, live chat provides the answers […]

Five Benefits Of Outsourcing For Growing Businesses

When you start a business, it can feel be thrilling to feel like you are in control of every aspect. However, in order to keep growing, you will need to dedicate more time, skills and resources. This is usually time and resources that you don’t have. One of the hardest lessons for entrepreneurs to learn […]