Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

It costs more than it’s worth A high-quality outsourced service saves you time. With more time, you can focus on your business and how to save money. In addition to this, having an in-house team increases the need for more office space, maintenance, and staff. Outsourcing can be a cheaper recruitment option. Outsourcing is not […]

Why Omnichannel Is Essential For Customer Experience

The world of sales and communication has been evolving. Now, there are lots of ways of contacting customers and passing on information about your company and services. Omnichannel customer experiences involve having many ways the client can contact you. Whether the medium is live chats, phone calls, emails or social media, it needs to be […]

The problems with managing live chat in-house and how outsourcing solves it

Live chats help customers instantly. However, it can become overwhelming and disappoint your valued customers if they are not adequately managed. PodBPO provides an outsourcing customer support service to manage live-chats. What are the problems with managing live chats in-house? Chatterboxes and boxes and boxes It’s great that you’re becoming successful, however with more success […]

Why The Customer Experience Is So Important

Customers rarely remember mediocre customer service. They either remember outstanding support or a terrible experience. It can make or break a sale, and if you’re already occupied with creating your products or services, it might not be a part of business plan you can dedicate time to. But, just why is the customer experience crucial […]

Secrets to a better, stronger outsourcing relationship

Outsourcing can be a weight off your shoulders. But, building a strong relationship with your customer support team is essential. By outsourcing, you are saving time, increasing sales and being efficient with money. However, if your relationship is weak, then your service will be too. How do you build a strong outsourcing relationship? Tell them […]

Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For Start-Ups

In the 2017 State of Global Customer Report, 90% of consumers expect companies to have an online portal for customer support. At PodBPO, we know starting up a business takes up time. Consequently, it is difficult to keep up with social media enquires and emails. Therefore, outsourcing to a reliable company takes the weight off […]

Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For eCommerce

eCommerce is a big business. In fact, the global market worth for eCommerce sits at $22.1 trillion. In order to capitalise on this industry and expand your market share, you need to think smart about your eCommerce business. While you may think that having a tight control over your business reduces cost, it can actually […]

Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For WordPress Developers

Whether you’re in the middle of some detailed coding or halfway through a presentation for new clients, it is not always easy to answer urgent emails, be on-hand for web chats or answer the phone to customers and prospects. However, as a WordPress Developer, you know that answering every communication is the key to business […]

Customer Service & Support Outsourcing For App Developers

For all businesses, the key to success is to focus on what you are good at. For app developers, you have a skill that is in high demand. App developers should be harnessing these skills and using them to grow their business. However, when it comes to managing the business as a whole, app developers […]